Greetings! - After 20+ years of working for others, I was afforded the opportunity to create something of my own in 1997. With nothing but the confidence of a single dentist client, I formed Saturn Dental Laboratory. More than 15 years later I can confidently reach out to you as a thriving independent lab that provides exceptional crown and bridge services, truly aesthetic porcelain work and expert advice for case planning implants, attachments and complex treatment plans.

My team and I promise you highly personalized service, and consistently reliable results. I want to help you build your practice.

While 70% of our service is traditional porcelain fused to metal and implant case planning, we find milled or CAD/CAM restorations offer a wide variety of material options with excellent strength and aesthetic characteristics.
We also believe that it is important for continued long-term success to blend these new technologies and material options with time-tested, proven methods and then add a bit of the human spirit—our artistic touch to each case.

Relationships between our lab and our doctors are critical to both your and our success. As one of our doctors, you will get to know our staff and have the confidence to call us and discuss cases, implant planning and anything else pertaining to your cases and your patients.

Should you find yourself in need of a new laboratory or are curious about how the Saturn Dental Lab approach can benefit you—browse our website and please contact me at (603) 421-9094.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves and begin a conversation about how we can provide you with consistently high quality, fixed prosthetics at a great value.

Don Boudreau, President